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Since 2001, Shadow Security, a proud member of Shadow Group, has provided unparalleled security services for hundreds of celebrity clients, thousands of events, accumulated tens of thousands of hours in experience and training, and provided safe enjoyable environments for literally millions of attendees.


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Static Guards

Event Security

Close Protection

Mobile Patrol



Security training is a critical component of our ongoing operational success.


We place a high commitment on ensuring all security guards are properly trained and all staff are mandated with continuous efforts, including meeting project, client, and site-specific requirements. Shadow Security is committed to meet or exceed all future standards enacted by each of our clients’ respective Department of Justice.



At Shadow Group, we take great pride in our services.

We have convenient locations throughout North America where we provide free initial consultations to discuss your case.


Private investigators play an important role in assisting individuals, law enforcement agencies, and corporations.
Some of the duties involve helping to find missing persons, or performing research for legal, financial, or criminal investigations.

Shadow Group, parent company to Shadow Security, is your trusted private investigative partner in providing exceptionally comprehensive information and evidence gathering. Our officers are put through customized training programs which are widely regarded as some of the most thorough and intensive in the security industry. It is this training in surveillance and research which enabled Shadow to foil the attempted abduction of a corporate mining executive in 2012.


The specialized divisions of our investigative agency is designed and staffed to serve the specific needs of each sector of our client base:


  • Law Firms

  • Corporations

  • Business Owners

  • Investment Firms

  • Private Individuals


Our clients can rest easy knowing that they have entrusted their matter to a firm that will deliver results beyond their expectations, represent them in a professional manner, and do so discreetly and confidentially. In short, we are a bridge between what is readily known and what needs to be uncovered to make the most informed decisions – every time. As a true industry leader, we have earned a reputation for consistently delivering the intelligence that sophisticated clients require to make better decisions.


Shadow Group will exceed your expectations time and time again.

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Shadow Group’s Civil Enforcement and Bailiff Services is your ONE STOP SHOP for all of your civil and security needs.

    Our services include:

  • Commercial Distraint and Residential Tenancy Disputes

  • Process and serving of any legal documents, confidential letters, and reminder letters.

  • Repossessions, including vehicles, heavy equipment, electronic or mechanical equipment, boats, ship or transport truck cargo, and even aircraft


You can now put a price on peace of mind. 

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Part-time and Casual shifts available with Competitive Wages.

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