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Years of Combined Experience



Our team has provided personal security for VIP’s ranging from former US President Bill Clinton, former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, to Ellen Page, Rihanna, Ozzy Osbourne, and most recently Johnny Reid. Our concert experience measures in the hundreds including U2, Nickelback, the Backstreet Boys, Guns ‘n Roses, Bob Dylan, and many more.  


Shadow Group’s proven experience is undeniable. As one of the premier event security specialists in North America, it’s no wonder that our team of seasoned professionals have been the first point of contact for nearly every concert and marquee event in Atlantic Canada since 2001.


Shadow boasts an almost 100% retention rate with clients and staff alike, a record almost unheard of in the industry. 

How does Shadow accomplish this? By focusing on our three most important attributes.


At Shadow Group, we are:

CAPABLE – our staff not only go through the most intensive screening process, they are also provided the best training. Custom programs designed by incorporating years of the best and most specialized teaching certifications in the world including legal articulation, report writing, surveillance, evidence handling, use of force continuum, and first aid to name a few. This coupled with Shadow’s strict personality profile ensures that clients are tailor-made in every way for their client.

CONFIDENT – these skill sets, along with consistent encouragement and assistance from Shadow Groups management, senior staff, and supervisors, guarantee that every staff member will be confident in his task, thus putting clients at ease always.

COMMITTED – Shadow prides itself on diversity, with staff from every walk of life, race, creed and sexual-orientation. Shadow welcomes this, as we believe diversity is the key to growth and longevity. Each member, although different, has one similar attribute that made them stand out; that is an unwavering commitment to their team, their organization and to their clients to provide the best customer service possible and the safest and most enjoyable experience for our client’s customers.

Shadow Group brings a focused and disciplined approach to our services, including Special Events Security, Static and Mobile Guard, Access Control, Close Protection, and Crowd Risk Analysis.


Our approach is simple: we will work with you to determine the level of security staffing required then – from our pool of security professionals – provide fully-trained, properly-certified security professionals who are trustworthy and dependable.


We have the experience, the access to manpower and the commitment to meet and exceed your expectations at every level.

We are capable. We are confident. We are committed.

We are the perfect choice for your trusted security partner.

We are Shadow.
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Shadow Group is your trusted partner in Security Services, Private Investigations, and Civil Enforcement Bailiff Services.

Meet our senior team

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