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Nathaniel Martin
Director of Operations

Nathaniel (Nate) Martin has been, for all intents and purposes, “raised” in the security industry. Nate’s security career began literally on his 19th birthday providing security to a nightclub on his very first shift. Nate’s aptitude and enthusiasm helped him move up the ranks quickly and he was taking on his first of many security leads by the age of 21. Shortly after coming back from studying Biochemistry at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Nate joined Shadow and quickly realized that security was what he truly loved doing. In that time, Nate took advantage of Shadow’s exclusive training programs in access and crowd control and has assisted owner, Kent MacDonald, with logistics for UFC events.

Early into 2018, Nate became the Account Manager/Security lead at Shadow for the recently built Halifax Convention Centre. This position has graced Nate with the opportunity to be in lead roles for organizations such as the Liberal Party of Canada, the Conservative Party of Canada, and NATO. Nate has also become proficient in tour security, providing his close protection services as a driver for such famed music artists as Ghostface Killah, and head of security services for Neon Dreams during their various appearances across Canada. Most recently, Nate provided close protection services internationally for Neon Dreams in South Africa. As a result, Nate continues to grow and strengthen his knowledge and skill set via Shadow’s inhouse training as well as the opportunities that have come leading security operations at Shadow.

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